India Skills Kerala 2020

Inspired from the resounding success of Nypunyam International Skill Summit Fiesta 2016 and India Skills Kerala 2018, Government of Kerala has once again opened up the stage for ‘Battle of Skills’ – this time with more vigour and more colour. Titled ‘IndiaSkills Kerala 2020’, the skill competition will be an arena for celebrating world class excellence in skills and an avenue to the youngsters to showcase their functional and vocational skills. The winners will represent the state at the national skill competition ‘IndiaSkills 2020’, which will open gates to the 'WorldSkills Shanghai 2021'.

Let the world acknowledge your skills..!

Industrial Training Department (ITD)

Industrial Training Department is functioning under the Labour and Skills Department, Govt. of Kerala. It is the State level nodal agency for implementing various skill development activities of Director General of Training (DGT), Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Govt. of India. The department is implementing the major three schemes introduced by the Director General of Training, namely Craftsman Training Scheme, Apprenticeship Training Scheme and Skill Development Initiative Scheme through various Governments and Private Institutes scattered in urban, semi urban and rural areas of the state. The free training and other assistances given to the trainees helps to bring the backward sections of the society to the main stream of technological advancement. By using the latest technologies in imparting training, the department enhances the employability of the trainees.

Kerala Academy for Skills Excellence (KASE)

Kerala Academy for Skills Excellence (KASE) is the Skill Development Mission of the Govt. of Kerala, formed under the Department of Labour and Skills as a company not for profit. KASE is the apex entity to initiate, regulate and co-ordinate focused skill development for different industrial domains. Considering the peculiar demographic characteristics of the state of Kerala, unique skilling models have been adopted by KASE with industry tie-ups and placement linkages and various such skill development programmes initiated by KASE is under implementation. These programmes stand out from the Skill development initiatives in other states of India.